Seidor and NetOP Technology Partner to Deliver the Future of IoT Technologies in the Americas

Seidor and NetOP Technology Partner to Deliver the Future of IoT Technologies in the Americas

​Seidor, the multinational consulting firm specializing in technological services and solutions, today announced an exclusive partnership agreement in the Americas with NetOP Technology, one of the top worldwide most innovative technology companies in IoT (Internet of Things). 

The solutions that the Internet of Things technology can produce are becoming an important part of the digital transformation journey of most of the big industries in the world. Seidor partnered with NetOP Technology to deliver a variety of IoT solutions that organizations from all industries of all sizes require to achieve high efficiency and success during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

NetOP Technology solutions are designed to make IoT easier, faster and affordable. NetOP Hybrid IoT Data Stream's unique Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) connectivity solutions and AI layers are designed to carry up enterprises to a smarter level. NetOP Technology is already pre-configured for many industry verticals including Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Mining, Aviation and Healthcare. The company has implemented many IoT projects all around the world.

“There's no question that IoT innovation is changing society permanently and the opportunities that brings to several industries are enormous, now more than ever before,” Tomas Fertig, President and CEO of Seidor USA, said in a statement. “As an important part of today’s Intelligent Enterprise, IoT solutions connected with companies’ Digital Core allow those organizations looking for ways to accelerate digital transformation to be able to digitize processes, minimize contact and extend the efficiency of remote management. We look forward to this partnership with NetOP Technology and the opportunity to implement the most advanced IoT solutions, thereby contributing to the digitization of several industries in the Americas,” added Fertig.   

Olcay Taysi, founder of NetOP Technology and, explains, “We develop IoT solutions for different purposes in several countries with the power of flexible NetOP Technology IoT infrastructure. In 2019, we have already sold our solutions to 60 countries from Chile to Hong Kong. We are a key player in some vertical sectors to build turn-key IoT solutions like aviation, smart cities, transportation, etc. We established the world’s biggest IoT network umbrella in Istanbul Airport, where we will soon launch dozens of vertical IoT solutions. We are proud that Istanbul Airport, the world’s largest airport built under one roof, chose us for all its IoT-based solutions. We take great pride in supplying IoT sensors and gateways to global companies that contact us through, which is the world's #1 IoT marketplace.”

IoT solutions in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

During this pandemic period, NetOP Technology has developed "Stay at Home" and "Social Distance Sensors" to help overcome obstacles in the fight against COVID-19 and, in a very short time, supplied both hardware and cloud software all over the world. NetOP Technology, which continues to work to help get rid of this global problem as soon as possible by using IoT technologies, has more than fulfilled its duty in the fight against COVID-19 with five different solutions developed during the pandemic period.

NetOP Technology has built an ecosystem around the Internet of Things and, now, Seidor has the opportunity to continue helping businesses in the Americas that are embarking on a digital transformation journey. It can supply all the COVID-19 solutions portfolio and help humanity to fight this pandemic with IoT technology.

Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the region

It is not a secret that IoT has been a buzz word for the past few years and the use cases have picked up a lot of steam. As part of its big investment in IoT, Seidor is building a Regional Center of Expertise specifically for IoT solutions in its ongoing commitment to help its customers across the region. 

"Seidor's team is working with NetOP Technology on developing IoT solutions for our customers not only to manage social distancing but also solutions to help automate the manufacturing and logistics process, along with a variety of industry processes," concluded Fertig.

Source: Seidor